Jena Surgical

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MultiPulse Ho – Surgical Holmium Laser

MultiPulse Ho is a surgical holmium laser dedicated to endourology with a max power of 35W, where competitors are still

offering 30W! MultiPulse Ho is the go-to device for endosurgical laser lithotripsy for the treatment of urinary tract stones,

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common bile duct stones and salivary stones (sialolithiasis).

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MultiPulse Tm+1470 – Thulium Laser

JenaSurgical introduces MultiPulse Tm+1470 the last generation thulium laser, unmatched in terms of efficiency, accuracy and safety in multiple surgical application fields. MultiPulse Tm+1470 is the only system that combines a 1,940 nm Thulium laser with a 1,470 nm diode laser (maximum power 120 W + 30 W), designed to deliver

the best performance in the operating room.

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MultiPulse HoPLUS – Holmium:YAG Laser

MultiPulse HoPLUS is a high power holmium laser device characterized by great flexibility and efficiency, which is a must in centers of excellence in Endourology.

Fast, reliable and effective, MultiPulse HoPLUS provides unmatched precision and safety during all phases of surgery. Ideal for both surgical treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) and endoscopic treatments of lithotripsy, it is hardly recommended for long-duration procedures

requiring high power thanks to its laser source reaching 140 W.

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